Front & rear service

The WorkLine is the robust series for rough working conditions. It can be serviced from both the front and the rear side. This makes it very universally applicable in various projects.

Ideal grid size

Due to its pixel cards in 250 mm (w) x 500 mm (h) grid dimensions, the series is "metric" and can be installed flush with façade components.

Cabinet sizes of

make it a flexible companion for various uses.

Light weight

The WorkLine is feather-light with 35kg / sqm and therefore saves additional costs for the substructure compared to other series.

Corner cabinets

Cabinets with a 45 degree slope are available as an option. It lets you shape corners with minimal gaps. These modules are very popular for 3D screens.


Item number:

Download datasheet:

3.91mm SMD Outdoor

| Item no. SX-WL-391-O-AGWv10a

4.81mm SMD Outdoor

| Item no. SX-WL-481-O-AGWv10a

6.94mm SMD Outdoor

| Item no. SX-WL-694-O-AGWv10a

8.33mm SMD Outdoor

| Item no. SX-WL-833-O-AGWv10a

10.42mm SMD Outdoor

| Item no. SX-WL-1042-O-AGWv10a