Rear service

The PixelLine can be used flexibly for many applications. It offers the possibility of servicing all components easily and conveniently in the rear service.

Front service

Even in the case of installation in a façade or wall, it must be possible to reach all components of the screen. The PixelLine can be serviced from the rear as well as completely from the front. Remove the pixel cards and you have access to the components in the same way as from the rear.

Particularly good price-performance ratio

Thanks to its sophisticated design, the PixelLine is a particularly cost-effective and efficient series. However, it also convinces with good picture quality and sufficient brightness.

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Item number:

Download datasheet:

5.00mm SMD outdoor

| Item no. SX-PL-500-O-CGWv2a

6.67mm SMD outdoor

| Item no. SX-PL-667-O-CGWv2a

8.00mm SMD outdoor

| Item no. SX-PL-800-O-CGWv2a

10.00mm SMD outdoor

| Item no. SX-PL-1000-O-CGWv2a