Any Size you want!

The injection-moulded frames ensure maximum precision when assembling the LED screens. They are available in many different sizes:

500 x 1.000mm, 500 x 750mm, 500 x 500mm, 500 x 250mm, 250 x 500mm, 1,000 x 250mm, 250 x 750mm, 250 x 1000mm, 750 x 250mm.



As the only product on the European market, the CreativeLine can optionally be equipped with our patented technology (Non Flammable LED Screen) with optimized fire behavior.

We have a test report according to EN 13501-1, as well as DIN 4102-1.

Fire classification according to EN 13501-1: A2-s1-d0

non-flammable - little/no flue gas development - non burning droplets

Fire classification according to DIN 4102-1: B1

Click here for more information about First Non-Flammable LED Screen)

Ideal grid size

The grid size of 250mm x 250mm (9.84“ x 9.84“) of the pixel cards allows for different LED screen sizes. The metric format works very well in architectural applications.

Make it look expensive!

Chamfered housing corners provide plenty of scope for planning LED screens and thus create room for new design options.


Item number:

Download datasheet:

1.95mm SMD indoor

| Item no. SX-CL-195-i-ACWv10a

2.50mm SMD indoor

| Item no. SX-CL-250-i-ACWv10a

2.60mm SMD indoor

| Item no. SX-CL-260-i-ACWv10a

2.98mm SMD indoor

| Item no. SX-CL-298-i-ACWv10a

3.91mm SMD indoor

| Item no. SX-CL-391-i-ACWv10a

4.81mm SMD indoor

| Item no. SX-CL-481-i-ACWv10a

5.95mm SMD indoor

| Item no. SX-CL-595-i-ACWv10a