16:9 format

Large cabinets and the 16:9 format of the HighLine make it possible to realise large-scale LED screens quickly and inexpensively.

Particularly high resolution

Thanks to its low pixel pitch, the HighLine has a particularly high resolution and is thus very well suited for any indoor application.

High brightness

The optional use of brighter SMDs makes the HighLine ideal for use in window areas and other locations with difficult lighting conditions and particularly high ambient brightness.


Item number:

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1.60mm SMD indoor

| Item no. SX-HL-160-i-BCWv1a

1.97mm SMD indoor

| Item no. SX-HL-197-i-BCWv1a

2.67mm SMD indoor

| Item no. SX-HL-267-i-BCWv1a

4.00mm SMD indoor

| Item no. SX-HL-400-i-BCWv1a


fixed height. the one above is bugged