We also display your conten even outside opening hours

What are shop window displays?

A shop window display serves your advertising purposes by attracting customers to your products during and outside of business hours.

A display is ideal as an eye-catcher in your shop window.

Our LuxLine is particularly suitable as a shop window display. It combines high brightness with vibrant colors, making it perfect for advertising. The precise 16:9 format makes it easy to use, and most content can be displayed without adjustments. Since we only use materials of the highest quality, we can provide you with a warranty of up to five years.

You want to buy a LED display?

We take care of everything!

You want to buy a shop window display?

We take care of everything!

We accompany you as a full-service provider in all matters.

As a full-service provider, our team accompanies you in all areas. With us at your side, you have a partner who supports you in every phase of your project. In order to create a secure foundation for your LED large screen wall, we work together with selected specialists from the field of structural design who are familiar with our specially developed system solutions. Our experienced employees and partners also take care of the installation. Our substructures for indoor and outdoor applications are made individually. The specially developed system solutions enable optimal LED screen installation even under harsh conditions. We are happy to equip them with players, combined players & LED controllers or cloud-based solutions.

As one of the exceptions in the market, we offer 5 years guarantee as bring-in service according to our guarantee policy on our products. In addition, you can optionally obtain a warranty on the availability of certain spare parts of up to 10 years. For all other parts extensive guarantee extensions can be ordered and concluded.