Maximum flexibility

The flexible design of the pixelcards can be used for curved constructions +/- 45 degrees and even up to circular shape. Both convex and concave screens are thus possible. For applications in exhibition and shop fitting, the series can be used without an enclosure for maximum design flexibility.


The series can be combined with the MaxLine for outdoor applications and the CreativeLine for indoor applications. Beautifully shaped seamless transitions between straight and curved surfaces ensure a perfect image impression.

Easy to service

The FlexLine allows both front and rear service. The variable arrangement of the backbox allows many shapes to be designed, yet simple service options to be set up.


Item number:

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1.95mm SMD indoor

| Item no. SX-FL-195-i-ACWv10a

2.60mm SMD indoor

| Item no. SX-FL-260-i-ACWv10a

3.13mm SMD indoor

| Item no. SX-FL-313-i-ACWv10a

3.91mm SMD indoor

| Item no. SX-FL-391-i-ACWv10a

2.98mm SMD outdoor

| Item no. SX-FL-298-O-AGWv2a

3.91mm SMD outdoor

| Item no. SX-FL-391-O-AGWv2a

4.81mm SMD outdoor

| Item no. SX-FL-481-O-AGWv2a

5.95mm SMD outdoor

| Item no. SX-FL-595-O-AGWv2a